Alba M. Murcia Riano


Executive Summary: Alba M Murcia Riano is a residential real estate agent who has been working in the field for over nine years. A full time real estate agent working for at Agio Real Estate Inc an entrepreneur by nature, Alba also has good business acumen and handle on the financial aspect of running a real estate business she is very satisfied with the results over the last 2 years. Alba is ready to take the business to the next level.

Business Concept: Alba is a real estate agent that works 70% with buyers and 30% sellers focus on residential properties with a enthusiastic interest to learn Commercial and vacant lot land.

Current Situation: Alba Close about 34 deals in the last two years, she is ready to ramp up and a higher volume of business.

Key Success: Factor: Alba is very familiar with her geographic region and can discuss intelligently the various neighborhoods in the residential area. She has a large network of potential clients and it technologically savvy enough to make of valuable tools like the online MLS, electronic lock boxes, personal digital assistants, and the internet, Alba is a fluent in Spanish and is able to communicate effectively with the Spanish home buyer in her region.

Key Challenges: Alba jumped into real estate and experienced early success, but never took the time to create a solid business and marketing plan. As such, she is been working hard with buyers but lives deal-to-deal and is unable to predict profits and losses, cash flow, and other important business concepts. The day-today tasks keep her busy, but she know she could be working more efficiently if she were to take the time to create projections and revamp her marketing and advertising efforts. 


By acting as a facilitator during the home buying and selling process for citizens in the geographic region, providing the highest possible service levels to those individuals, Alba has created a business that supports her lifestyle and allows her to save for the future. By focusing on buyer and sellers Alba is able to channel her energy into a specific aspect of the real estate industry and has become well know for her abilities in these areas.



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Alba Murcia -Riano

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